The quality of our teachers is our commitment to you
Bachelors Degree
or higher
More than two years teaching experience
Experience in teaching foreigners

All teachers who work for us are required to be professionals with a bachelor’s degree or higher and has taught for more than two years. Each teacher also has experience in teaching Chinese language to children and foreigners.

Meet Our Teachers


Bachelor's Degree

Sun Yat-sen University


Master's Degree

Xidian University


Master's Degree

Xidian University


Bachelor's Degree

Xi'an Fanyi University

Training for our teachers

Besides hiring the best teachers, we are committed to ensure continual growth of our teachers who form the core of Love Panda.


Continuous training

From the beginning of a teacher’s career with Love Panda, we provide regular training throughout their entire time with us.


Effective teaching methods

At Love Panda, our teachers are well-versed in our curriculum and are taught how to make their lessons engaging and effective.


Feedback and growth

We do our best to cultivate a growth mind-set through systematic  class feedback and also from our support team.  This is our commitment to you as we grow our core teaching team to deliver quality classes to you.

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