China's new 5-year visas over overseas Chinese!

Source: South China Morning Post

Photo credit: South China Morning Post

The new policy, which takes effect from February 1, is an improvement on the current one-year multiple-entry visa for this group. Foreigners of Chinese origin with residency will be able to extend the period of their stay from three to five years.

According to China’s official definition, a foreigner of Chinese origin refers to a former Chinese citizen who has obtained foreign citizenship, or the offspring of present or former Chinese citizens. The applicant only needs to have one parent, grandparent or ancestor who is or was a Chinese citizen.

Such visas can be issued to overseas ethnic Chinese people if they need to visit their relatives, conduct business or cultural exchanges, or deal with any personal matters in China. The policy is aimed at encouraging more overseas Chinese to participate in China’s economic development.

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Source: South China Morning Post

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