December Trial Classes and Recap

December has been an exciting month for us at Love Panda. Throughout this month we have conducted trial classes and the feedback from those classes have helped us improve our operation and even class flow. So far, we found that the most challenging class is the class teaching children of 2 years old. Young children tend to have a short attention span and still cannot talk very well.

However, we are very grateful for our star teacher, Gillian, for an awesome job in grabbing student attention through the use of colourful flashcards and children songs. Our 2 years old students love Gillian and the parents’ feedback was very positive. Gillian has a lot of experience in teaching young children since she herself has a 2 years old child at home and this has helped her in connecting better with our young students. At the same time, our other teachers have also conducted trial classes for adult’s Business Chinese classes, and the feedback have also been great. Since our teachers are Chinese nationals with experience in teaching and working in a corporate environment before, it is very easy for them to help students in expanding their Business Chinese knowledge especially for certain industries like banking, consulting, and hospitality.

Overall, December has been a very fruitful month and we are encouraged to give even better quality classes to our awesome students. Our team is also looking forward to the year 2018 where we believe that Love Panda will grow even faster and better in providing the best Chinese Language Education to both children and adults. We will be starting our first paid classes on January 13th, 2018, so stay tuned for that. Love panda wishes everyone a Happy New Year and let us be China Ready in 2018!


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