Love Panda in Jakarta!

Last week, Love Panda team attended the 8th Annual KIN ASEAN Forum 2017 and the 12th Annual Markplus Conference at Ritz Carlton Senayan Jakarta. During the private KIN ASEAN Forum, Ken, our founder had the opportunity to introduce Love Panda and we were very encouraged that Love Panda was well received, with many people inquiring more about what we do. A key takeaway from the Forum is the emphasis on how businesses can create positive social impact. Love Panda aims to do our part in helping people from underprivileged background to gain access to free Chinese language education that can improve their job prospects.

Besides the Forum, during the Markplus Conference which is the biggest marketing event in Asia with over 5,000 participants, we got a lot of insights on the industry outlook for various sectors for 2018 and the best marketing practices in ASEAN. We also learned that China’s influence is growing in this part of the world and our success in ASEAN will be very much tied to the ability to do business with Chinese companies. This is definitely in line with what we think here at Love Panda, hence our vision to empower everybody with the Chinese language.

More importantly, we made many new friends from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Japan and Korea during the short but fruitful event. We are excited about 2018 which is going to be a year of collaborations and partnerships to bring Love Panda nearer to you in ASEAN.


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