Love Panda's Global Brand Ambassadors Silk Walk Expedition Team

The speed and volume at which goods and information move across the world today are unprecedented in history, but global exchange itself is actually older than what we think. In the past, the Silk Road was the terrestrial and maritime routes that connect Asia with Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe.

For centuries, not only the Silk Road was used for trade routes, but it was also central to cultural exchange and the propagation of religions. Now, no one really used the Silk Road anymore, until recently a team of three Americans decide to walk the entire Silk Road in two years’ time to follow in the footsteps of history.

Meet Paul, Patrick, and Timb, the tree Americans who are brave and adventurous in attempting a heroic walk along the Silk Road, covering more than 9,000 km spread over 9 countries. They have started in October 2017 and are attempting to finish the record-setting journey in 2 years.

We at LovePanda really admire people like them who are pursuing their dream, thus we contacted them to see if they would like to become our brand ambassador. As it turns out, both Patrick and Paul are also very much interested in further improving their Chinese.

Hence, LovePanda starts providing Chinese classes to equip their journey through China. LovePanda also will be helping the SilkWalk team translate their blog about their journey to Chinese so that it can reach a much wider reader base.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with SilkWalk team as our Global Brand Ambassadors! We wish them all the best and You can follow their extraordinary journey at

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