Inspired by 77th Street Founder Elim Chew

The Love Panda team met Elim Chew yesterday at her restaurant I’m Kim Junior at *SCAPE. Through her sharing, we were deeply inspired by her passion for social impact and entrepreneurial spirit. During our discussion, she gave us practical pointers on how to build Love Panda into a successful business that not only focuses on profit but also on its social impact.

Love Panda and Elim Chew at I'm Kim Junior

From her days as a school dropout, turned hairstylists, turned punk-culture entrepreneur, then food entrepreneur and mentor for social enterprises, Elim blew our mind with her complex mind and her perseverance in tackling problems that come her way.

The biggest take away from Elim was that we have to build our team right with a strong positive culture. A great team is the core driving force to build any business. This is evident with how Elim’s core team stayed with her even when she moved from fashion business to F&B business. She also shared with us her leadership style, treating the team as her family which is what Love Panda believes in as well.

Our founders came together with a common vision of spreading the love of Chinese language and culture to everyone. Interestingly, although our personalities are very different, we work harmoniously as a team because of our shared vision. As we expand throughout Southeast Asia, we will stay true to our core values and build a strong team to make Love Panda a leading Chinese language provider.

We thank Elim for being our sounding board and we will continue to learn from her as we build Love Panda.


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