What is the best way to learn Mandarin online and become fluent

There are no limitations to the mind except those that we acknowledge. Chinese is a beautiful language. The rate at which China is growing, it will soon become the superpower of the world. Hence, learning Chinese has become a necessity.

It is better that kids learn Chinese at the early age of 2 to 12 years old. Their minds are fresh, and can quickly learn a new language. Mandarin is not a difficult language to learn with the right methods. Unlike before, with the advancement of technology, taking online classes from home has never been easier.

Best way to learn Chinese for kids?

At Love Panda, we provide the best online education to help your child learn Mandarin. Here are the few things you should do to get the most value out of Love Panda.

Learn from experience native Chinese Teachers

Once you are on our online platform the first thing you have to do is schedule for a class. All our teachers are highly trained, and they know how to make the kids learn a new language with love and passion. It is your choice whether you want a one-to-one tutor or you can enroll in a group session.

Learn from recordings and downloadable materials

At the end of each live class, the recordings of the sessions will be made available. If your child is still unclear about a certain topic, your child can review the recordings slowly. Every course also comes with its own downloadable study resources to assist in the kids’ learning.

Exposure to Chinese characters through Flashcards

Once your kid learns how to speak Chinese, the most important thing you have to do is introduce Chinese characters to your kids. This can be done effectively through flash cards that can be purchased from our website. These are the flash cards that our teachers use during class activities. Through frequent exposure to Chinese characters, it will become easier for the children to memorize the words.

Practice makes perfect

One of the most important things to consider is practice. You have to assure that your kid always practices at least one hour a day. Through repetition, they will remember the words much faster and it will help them in creating sentences. They will know the pronunciation and so kids can speak confidently.

Monitor the child’s progress

At Love Panda, our teachers will prepare an individual report card at the end of the course. You will get a better idea of your child’s command over the language and how much progress they have made in their learning.

Bottom line

We have the highest satisfaction rate because all the kids we taught have shown tremendous progress in their learning. Love Panda strives to make Mandarin learning effective and fun for kids. We also offer classes of different class size to suit the needs of the parents. Contact us now for a free trial now.

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