Welcoming our Indonesian Advisor

We are happy to announce that Love Panda found our Indonesian business advisor! Meet Jody Dharmawan, the President Director of Lee Cooper Indonesia.

Love Panda Advisor Jody Dharmawan

Jody brought Lee Cooper to Indonesian in 1989, and now this brand is present all over Indonesia. Jody is also the Global Director of Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, a NPO with a global membership of 10,000 members in more than 40 countries.(www.eonetwork.org)

Jody graduated from University College of London and he is a trilingual, fluent in English, Indonesian and Chinese.

Love Panda was fortunate enough to be able to have him as our advisor.

When we first met Jody, he was very excited to learn about what Love Panda is trying to do. Since Jody’s is very passionate about his Chinese roots and he is saddened by the fact that many Indonesian Chinese do not speak the language anymore and doesn’t know much about their Chinese heritage. Jody shares our vision and goals to bring back the love for Chinese language and culture.

With Jody's expertise in retail and selling to the Indonesian consumers across the archipelago, Love Panda strives to become the go-to Chinese language provider in Indonesia with our faster and better way to Learn Chinese!


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