We met Meigo who is on The Walk Around The World

Meigo began his walking journey on May 11, 2014 in the capital city Tallinn in Estonia. We were very excited to hear that Meigo Mark, the Estonian who is attempting to walk around the world, was making a brief stop at Singapore. So, LovePanda team contacted him and was fortunate to arrange a meeting with him. Since Mark is a vegetarian, we decided to invite him for dinner at the Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant at Chinatown.

We met Meigo in Singapore. He walked here all the way from Estonia!

The food was superb, but more importantly we learned about Mark’s interesting journey, and we enjoyed listening to his stories about travelling on foot in many countries. He mentioned that there were times when he will consciously make himself looked haggard (do not shave for days and wear dirty clothes) so he can walk safely in places that are more dangerous. He also shared with us that besides his shoes, his solar power external battery was one of his most useful possessions.

However, the most touching sharing he told us was during his travels, he passed by many impoverished villages where the kids there do not have access to good education. This strikes a note with us at LovePanda since we are passionate about education and we believe that everyone especially young children deserve good education for a better future.

We believe that the future lies with China and hence, learning Chinese can help the children from the villages to find job opportunities when they move to the cities in the future.

We were greatly inspired by Mark and we tell ourselves that as Love Panda grow in Southeast Asia, we will engage the villages in rural areas to set up remote classes where the kids can get free Chinese classes by our China teachers using live streaming. We hope to empower as many children as possible with the knowledge of Chinese so that they can have a better future. Meigo is currently spending a month in Singapore while waiting for his passport to be renewed as he has run out of passport pages. His next stop is Indonesia and plans to walk for at least another six years!

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