Cara cepat dan mudah belajar Bahasa Mandarin lewat webinar live bersama guru-guru dari universitas ternama dari Cina dengan kurikulum bilingual Singapura

Silk Walk Team



(2 years old)

Contoh Kelas


I would like to thank Love Panda for their effective classes. I am surprised and delighted at Kayleen's excellent progress barely two months after starting the online classes with Love Panda. I wish I have found you earlier!


Father of Kayleen (6 yrs old)

My son, who is only two years old this year, enjoyed the demo class. I was very surprised the teacher Gillian was able to capture his attention throughout the class through her patience and energy using plenty of pictures and short videos. I decided to sign him up for regular classes right after. 


Father of Thomas (2 yrs old)

What I like about Love Panda is that their teachers are from China who are very fluent in Chinese and have accurate pronunciations. This is a key consideration for me because I am learning Chinese to communicate with my clients from China. Taking online classes was perfect for me too because I could save time on travelling amidst my busy schedule. I would definitely recommend Love Panda to everyone especially those who have to interact with Chinese for their work.


Private Banker

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